Counter-Strike Online

Counter-Strike Online 0.59

Freemium version of the iconic shooter


  • Low requirements
  • Easy to learn difficult to master
  • Lost of game modes


  • Looks dated


This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at Counter-Strike: Condition Zero instead.

Counter Strike is a multiplayer first person shooter, that began as a Mod for the iconic Valve game Half-Life. Counter-Strike Online was designed for the Asian gaming community, but can be played from anywhere.

Having started out back in 1999, Counter-Strike Online is far from a cutting edge FPS game. Despite its age, and much like ID's Quake, the game survives due to its essential playability. It may not be sophisticated, but Counter-Strike Online is fast, fun to play, and has a massive community of players. Once you have a free account, it's easy to sign in and get shooting in moments. Its age means Counter-Strike Online runs smoothly on most PCs, as its requirements are really low.

Counter-Strike Online is played over a variety of maps, and is a team based multiplayer FPS. Players either join a team of terrorists or counter terrorists, and battle it out. To the Original mode, Death Match, and Team Death Match modes, there are additionally Zombie Mode 2, Zombie United Mode, Zombie Mode 3, Challenge Mode, Zombie Survival Mode and VIP Mode, some of which require micro-payments to unlock.

Counter-Strike Online is a classic FPS online multiplayer FPS, and deserves its place in history. while it looks its age, this version adds lots of fun add-ons and a dynamic community of players to get involved with.

User reviews about Counter-Strike Online

  • Leon

    by Leon

    Is a perfekt game and i love this game.
    This ism a perfekt game and the weapons..   More

  • by Anonymous

    This game is amazing .
    I think Counter-Strike is very good game . i like so much and thanks for free to play More

  • by Anonymous

    This game is really innovative and it's definitely more fun to be with other users
    Pros: fps online.   More

  • Bledar Blakaj

    by Bledar Blakaj

    well when i was kid 8 year old in 2008 create.
    well i think counter strike online is the best game ever eve
    ...   More

  • Bledar Blakaj

    by Bledar Blakaj

    i like to play because have much weapons and you can play online.   More

  • by Anonymous

    what about you.
    i love counter strike online because its so nice to play with people.   More